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    Our enchanting and mysterious colonial house from the 18th century belonged to Marquez de la Plata and at the beginning of the 19th century was subsequently owned by the Monastery of Santa Teresa de Jesús
    Since that time the building has been restored in order to preserve and maintain the mystical feel of its history; today, with our thoughtful staff attending to all your needs, it offers the visitor an unforgettable experience.

    Our helpful spirit will help make your stay an historical experience. Ideally located in the center of the historical city of Cusco (“view location”[link to ubicación page]), HOTEL ROJAS INN allows easy access to the financial and cultural center and is situated within minutes of the archaeological park of Saqsaywaman and is also a block away from the majestic Cathedral of Cusco where the different urban cultures mix to form the best atmosphere of Cusco.

    [The Machu Picchu Citadel is considered the principal tourist attraction in Perú, and is one of the most visited sites in the world. According to Rough Rides magazine, Machu Picchu ranks amongst the top 25 most spectacular places on Earth.]

    Everyday we serve a buffet breakfast complete with natural juice, tropical fruits and a variety of bread in our elegantly decorated dining área, equipped with colonial style wood furniture for your comfort.

    At the Hotel Rojas Inn ** we have comfortable facilities to rest and relax in, as well as being at the foot of the preferred area of the citizens and visitors. In addition to admiring the colonial architecture of the early eighteenth century of this exclusive Hotel in Cusco, you can find nearby tourist centers, cafes and restaurants, bars, cultural centers, art galleries, boutiques, parks and more entertainment 24 hours a day, everyday.

    From our location you can reach the most important attractions of the city by foot or by transport, since we are one block from the main city center and only a few steps from the majestic Cusco Cathedral.

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